Meet Xavier Latapie & Giulietta Canu, co-Founders of Moddity, the Site Connecting the B2B Fashion Ecosystem

Meet Xavier Latapie & Giulietta Canu, co-Founders of Moddity, the Site Connecting the B2B Fashion Ecosystem



LE NEW BLACK: Hello Xavier and Giulietta, what are your backgrounds and how was the Moddity project born? 

Xavier Latapie & Giulietta Canu: After studying political science, I participated in the creation of the Modem guide in 1997. I was the Publishing Director until the beginning of 2021. During these 24 years, I have collaborated with all the actors of the fashion industry in Paris and internationally. 

Giulietta, Moddity's co-founder, has collaborated with several important fashion Houses in the industry and has a passion for the product, the materials and the know-how. She has also worked with me in the past. 

This has given us a very broad knowledge of the mechanisms of the sector and, above all, the opportunity to witness its evolution. We realised that fashion is not limited to brands and one-off events, but that it mobilises a whole ecosystem that also includes the players in manufacturing, sourcing, and a multitude of service providers without whom nothing could be done.

By 2019, Giulietta had begun to develop a project that would connect the actors of sourcing and manufacturing with the world of "designer" fashion. MODDITY was born from the combination of our experiences and skills.

We have always been personally committed to creating connections between the people who come to us, and with Moddity we want to give ourselves the means to do this for everyone through a complete and very functional tool, allowing them to meet and collaborate. 

LNB: Our website is about to be launched, on the eve of Paris Fashion Week SS23. As a brand, service provider or retailer, how to be featured on Moddity? 

XL & GC: The entities present on the site are selected for their belonging to the "High End" fashion sector. It is open and consultable by all.

Moddity is above all a community. For us, digital is a great tool but it should not replace human relationships because our sector is driven by meetings and exchanges.

We will therefore always be available. Joining us is very simple: just click on the "Join the Community" button and fill in an application form. Each application will be carefully considered.

LNB: What are the benefits of being on Moddity?

XL & GC: Our goal is to provide the most relevant information to the industry. We have designed Moddity so that they can meet, inform themselves and collaborate.

The site has been designed so that each visitor can discover new brands, new partners or service providers and target their searches according to their needs. Being present on the site makes it possible to be visible to a targeted and professional public.

By communicating and promoting our members, we offer them the opportunity to expand their network, benefit from relevant connections and develop their business.

LNB: How does Moddity fit into the Parisian fashion ecosystem? 

XL & GC: Paris is the capital of fashion. It is in Paris that the majority of international designers, both established and emerging, choose to present their collections. It is to Paris that buyers from all over the world gather, and it is also in Paris that the major sourcing events are held.

Even if Moddity is meant to cover the whole international ecosystem, it is essential to launch Moddity on the occasion of Paris Fashion Week as a start. We are very happy to have the support of the LE NEW BLACK team and other major actors of the Parisian fashion scene for this launch.

LNB: What are your ambitions for Moddity in the mid- to long-term?

XL & GC: Our primary ambition is to be useful to the industry and to continue to discover and support. If beautiful collaborations are born, if beyond national interests beautiful projects are born, if new initiatives and new creators find their place in the ecosystem thanks to us, then we will have succeeded!

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