Connect all your systems

Fast, automated and secure, the platform connects to your ERP and other software for easy synching.

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Speed up your sales workflow

Integrate LE NEW BLACK with your information and inventory management systems to synchronize contacts, styles and orders, customers, prices and fabrics, and to avoid double data entry, reducing time between sales operations. Our built-in connectors and fast integrations helps keep your data up to date and accurate, always.

Rely on our REST API

It's robust and secure, meeting the highest standards. Connect with OAuth, and push and pull all data in JSON format. Set style availability, stock levels and order statuses. List all resources, as well as request and response schemas. You can also use sample implementations and test all endpoints with a live console.

Custom CSV import and export

Drag and drop or all-in-one CSV file import/export for contacts, styles, prices and inventories, including import options and fabric images, directly from your showroom's integration center. It's quick and easy, thanks to automated data exchange with your information system or other software.

Minimum effort. Maximum impact.

Custom customer service

Our team analyses your specific integration needs and implements appropriate solutions for your ecosystem, using adaptable built-in connectors and other custom features.

Your data chain, automated

Replace manual input with automated data exchange in order to maintain data accuracy and accelerate updates.

Private and secure cloud platform

Rest easy knowing that ours is a fully-secured cloud infrastructure, up to HTTPS and OAuth standards.

We wanted a simple tool that would allow us to be reactive. Six months later, the team is convinced by the platform and has quickly adopted it. It’s been very useful for our internal processes, especially thanks to the connector with Zedonk, our ERP.

Sarah-May Brown

Christopher Kane

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