Virtual reality on LE NEW BLACK

Virtual reality on LE NEW BLACK


LNB Features

LE NEW BLACK immersive experience at the service of the brands!

Remote BtoB buying experience is more than ever at the heart of fashion brands' strategy in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. We provide brands the technology they need to offer to their buyers a high-end BtoB immersive experience, with our new 3D showroom featuring interactive content. Virtual showrooms are key in today's digital transformation of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable business model.

As a comprehensive wholesale management platform for creative brands, LE NEW BLACK is happy to take part in this transformation.

Seamless experience

Access 3D showroom through a dedicated tab on Le New Black.

Interactive content

Use interaction points to browse product sheets, 360° visuals and/or videos.

"Shoppable looks"

Display a wide variety of products by looks.

Background music

Integrate a Spotify or Deezer music player as a simulated in-store ambiance.

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