Digital transformation of trade shows: Muriel Piaser chooses LE NEW BLACK and shares her vision of the fashion industry

Digital transformation of trade shows: Muriel Piaser chooses LE NEW BLACK and shares her vision of the fashion industry



Precious Room by Muriel Piaser is the meeting place for fine and high jewelry designers to be! We are proud to power this prestigious event digital edition on LE NEW BLACK

LNB: You were quick to respond to the health crisis and the upcoming economic crisis by proposing Instagram lives to your community, and a digital version of your event on LE NEW BLACK. Could you share with us more about Precious Room by Muriel Piaser concept and about your strategy to develop it?

MP: Precious Room by Muriel Piaser is the most exclusive and intimate meeting point for the fashion and jewelry market, being a hybrid BtoB event for fine and high jewelry designers. Born in 2019, Precious Room by Muriel Piaser is the answer to a need of customised services for brands and retailers in this field. After 15 years leading tradeshows and 9 years of consulting, I deeply understand brands relations with their buyers and I know that an tailor-made and highly personalised physical event creating an emotional buying experience is a key to success. Precious Room by Muriel Piaser is breaking the rules of traditional trade shows by happening during couture fashion weeks and not ready-to-wear fashion weeks, and standing as the ultra-personalised meeting place for fine and high jewelry designers and their retailers.

I initially wanted to extend the physical event to a digital platform, to reinforce the privileged relation between brands and buyers. I had planned to export my concept around the world with pop-up stores, and find more fine and high jewelry designers ready to adhere to my club. Today, I expect the hybrid concept of Precious Room by Muriel Piaser to be at the avant-garde of this new digital era, and to reap the benefits of a solid and ambitious fashion designers community that will keep evolving within LE NEW BLACK. I care to make brands and buyers dream by sharing my universe and passion through Instagram stories or Live streaming shoppings, and mostly by offering a « phygical » model.

"Brands need technical support on tools like virtual showrooms. Precious Room by Muriel Piaser collaboration with LE NEW BLACK is a real opportunity to support them on a long-term run by leaning on an expert to boost their business in these uncertain times." 

LNB: Buyers trips and international events like Fashion Weeks or trade shows being cancelled, do you think that change of buying habits will last or will they keep evolving? 

MP: Precious Room by Muriel Piaser was born after 2 years of work and deep market demand and offer analysis. This crisis has been the opportunity to reflect on my concept. I attended many webinars, talks, and observed brands and buyers reactions a lot. I really think that today’s challenge is to build a digital brand window with strong editorial content.

"Brands need to offer experience, emotions, to bring their buyers towards a case of love at first sight. I am proud to announce that Precious Room by Muriel Piaser took up this challenge and democratise fine jewelry on the market with a fashionable touch, fully realised with LE NEW BLACK." 

I don’t think that buyers trips will return to their previous pace when things get back to normal. There is a collective will to reduce useless journeys and to travel for a precise mission, with some comfort and personalised services. I also think that fashion is about to be more local despite its current digital transition connecting every actor of the fashion industry everywhere at any time. We indeed still need to meet and to have face-to-face talks. For example, Asia already worked for years on digital innovations based on client experience. Asian fashion weeks are at a different scale from European ones, and consumers pay to attend fashion show dedicated to as much to buyers than consumers. A true alternative and a BtoC-BtoB mix that may be interesting to follow!

LNB: What are the three booming initiatives, projects or innovations creating either commercial, social, environmental or technological value that you would like to share with the fashion industry and advise it to pay attention to?

MP: I think about three service suppliers that are extremely innovative to me. ETX Studio (@etxstudio) is a press agency that created an exceptional brand content tool. LaunchMetrics (@launchmetrics), the French-American start-up specialised in data analysis for the fashion market has also been a great digital marketing tool for me. Last but not least, I recently discovered the 100% sustainable e-shop BUHO (@shopbuho) offering an interesting post-Covid-19 market analysis. I love their strong ethical and slow life message, mixed with a very luxury and sustainable approach. 

Thank you Muriel Piaser and keep it up! We are very excited to support you in this project!

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