COLECT and LE NEW BLACK Join Forces in Merger to Shape the Future of Fashion Wholesale

COLECT and LE NEW BLACK Join Forces in Merger to Shape the Future of Fashion Wholesale


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LE NEW BLACK are thrilled to announce a new and transformative chapter in our history. We have officially joined forces with COLECT, a leading Northern European digital wholesale solution, in a merger that reaches beyond the borders of our European origins with a global vision for the future of fashion wholesale.

With the aim of consolidating the European B2B sales landscape and continuing to provide outstanding service to our global communities of nearly 1,000 fashion and lifestyle brands, this new collaboration doesn't just mark a union of expertise and resources; it cements our commitment to enhancing services for clients of all sizes, ensuring their growth, all while preserving our respective unique and highly reputable identities.

CEO of the newly merged entity, Arthur Hoffman, articulates our shared commitment: "COLECT and LE NEW BLACK are united in empowering brands with existing and well-established wholesale strategies. Equally, we are committed to providing support for brands seeking to grow their B2B sales by offering essential tools for the digitalisation of their wholesale operations."

However, the merger signifies more than just adapting to the evolving digital marketplace. It's about leading the way while ensuring an unwavering commitment to top-tier customer service. In the future COLECT and LE NEW BLACK will continue to prioritise client relationships, cultivate innovative product offerings, and implement sustainable growth strategies whilst bringing forward an array of new capabilities, heightened scale, and enhancements to our respective services, tailored especially to meet the specific needs of the fashion, apparel, and footwear industries.

For our valued clients, this strategic partnership is an opportunity to benefit from enhanced service, broader global reach, and our enduring commitment to your unique wholesale needs. Our alliance is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and client-focused values, signifying a brighter future for fashion wholesale in Europe and beyond. 

We look forward to continuing on this journey together with you, our clients and our community, and are convinced that this collaboration will further strengthen our ability to offer you the best of wholesale.

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