Meet Remi Danglade, Director of the Papeteries de Montségur, our friend from the BPIfrance's Accelerator

Meet Remi Danglade, Director of the Papeteries de Montségur, our friend from the BPIfrance's Accelerator



We met Rémi Danglade, Director of the Papeteries de Montségur since 2008 and passionate about the pulp and paperboard industry. After travelling to (almost) every country in the world for a trading company representing the interests of French companies in the industry, Rémi Danglade took over the management of the historic factory based in the Drôme in 2008 out of love for the quality of the Montségur paper and with the desire to revive a jewel of the French craft industry. 

LE NEW BLACK: Tell us about your company?

Rémi Danglade: The Papeteries de Montségur produce the best silk paper in the world. Originally, the conversion of a flour mill into a paper mill made it possible to crush wood to extract the fibres needed to make a fine sheet that silkworms would eat. We used to supply florists, but our paper has since attracted the interest of the luxury goods, film and sports industries: we make confetti for every European Football Cup, for snow on film shoots and to decorate the packaging of wines and spirits, jewellery etc. Today, we hold the label of living heritage company and have been looking after the environment and our employees with codes of ethics and quality for 200 years. 

The Papeteries de Montségur are a member of the United Nations "Global Compact" programme and our teams are proactive in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and energy transition; we have our own solar panels, use hydroelectric power and are in the process of installing a biomass boiler for our plants and premises!

LNB: When did you join the Papeteries de Montségur and what are your missions?

RD : The story of Sleeping Beauty began in 2008. When I bought the Papeteries de Montségur, the company didn't know its customers, worked with intermediaries who doubled the prices and had a lack of awareness. Since then, we have met our customers, adjusted our sales prices and margins. The teams have adapted to a new collaboration with our mainly Parisian clients, demonstrating flexibility, reactivity and creativity while maintaining a goldsmith's quality. I am very proud of the development of our business and the success of our ideas, which seemed far-fetched: flocked, scented and coloured paper, all manufactured locally on machines dating from 1910! 

LNB: Is there a project that is close to your heart? 

RD: Several, in fact! We have the determination to always be at the forefront of recycling and renewability; all projects that serve this purpose are dear to me. We invented angel hair from paper scraps, which is used as a cushioning product and is now in extraordinary demand in the e-commerce market. We are also the only company to make tissue paper from 100% recycled and PCW (post-consumer waste) fibres. 

LNB : You are part of the second promotion of the Fashion & Luxury Accelerator of the Banque Publique d'Investissement (BPI), what are your expectations?

RD: I want to build and strengthen the reputation of the Papeteries de Montségur, which naturally led me to this BPI programme. At 60, we think differently from the younger generations who have mastered the codes of the extraordinary world of luxury and who will be in charge tomorrow. I need to better understand these generations Y and Z so that the Papeteries de Montségur can celebrate its 400th anniversary!

The whole team of LE NEW BLACK is delighted to share this beautiful adventure with you!

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