Seishou: A symphony of Japanese refinement and Italian craftsmanship

Seishou: A symphony of Japanese refinement and Italian craftsmanship


Seishou, an emerging name in luxury footwear, masterfully fuses contemporary Japanese aesthetics with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Founded by the visionary team of Masaharu Ikeda and Yuko Matsuzaki, Seishou distinguishes itself through an unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and a unique design philosophy. Each pair of shoes is a testament to this ethos, blending the minimalist elegance of Japanese design with the rich, artisanal heritage of Italian shoemaking.

LNB: What inspired the creation of Seishou, and how did the collaboration between Masaharu Ikeda and Yuko Matsuzaki come about?

Yuko: I have long been captivated by the artistry of Italian shoemakers, even while I was still based in Japan. During my time working on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) projects for Japanese companies, I had the chance to collaborate closely with Italian manufacturers. They encouraged me to create my own brand, and when I shared the idea with Masaharu Ikeda, he was incredibly enthusiastic. Ikeda shared my admiration for Italian shoes and was immediately willing to take part in the project.

LNB: Seishou is known for combining contemporary Japanese style with traditional Italian craftsmanship. How do you ensure this blend is reflected in your designs?

Yuko: At Seishou, we enhance the minimalist aesthetics of Japanese design with the depth and sophistication characteristic of Italian footwear. Italian brands often achieve their unique identities through a fusion of technical and artistic skills. We integrate these influences with Japanese minimalism, resulting in a distinctive style that marries simplicity with intricate craftsmanship.

LNB: Can you elaborate on the philosophy behind the name "Seishou" and how it reflects your vision for the brand?

Yuko: The name 'Seishou' means 'singing together in unison,' which perfectly captures our brand philosophy. It signifies our commitment to collaboration and unity in creating something beautiful together. Our team works cohesively, combining our diverse skills to achieve a common goal, embodying the spirit of 'Seishou' in everything we do.

LNB: How do Seishou shoes set themselves apart in the luxury footwear market, and why do your customers choose Seishou?

Yuko: At Seishou, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. Our materials, design, and manufacturing processes are all based in Italy and held to the highest standards. Customers choose Seishou for our unique Japanese influence and unparalleled comfort. Our shoes feature industry-leading rubber soles that provide a lightweight feel for all-day wear. Furthermore, Seishou shoes are adaptable and fit for various occasions, with a strong focus on comfort. Some of our classic models take inspiration from sneakers.

LNB: Can you tell us more about the new summer collection that Seishou will be showcasing at Pitti Immagine? What makes these designs stand out?

Yuko: Our new summer collection includes fourteen new models, focusing on sandals for both men and women. These designs stand out for their lightness, softness, and ease of wear, making them ideal for summer. 

LNB: What makes Seishou's production process unique compared to other luxury footwear brands?

Yuko: Seishou shoes are handmade by skilled artisans in southern Italy. This artisanal approach, combined with the use of premium materials, sets Seishou apart from larger production companies. The intimate scale of our production allows us to maintain exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, making our shoes truly unique.

LNB: What specific features of LE NEW BLACK attracted Seishou, and how do these features support your business needs?

Yuko: LE NEW BLACK offers invaluable connections for emerging brands like Seishou, providing access to a vast network of retailers and buyers. This platform streamlines the outreach process, allowing us to efficiently connect with potential partners.

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