What's New: Multilingual Capabilities and Improved Order Workflows

What's New: Multilingual Capabilities and Improved Order Workflows


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In an ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses continually seek innovative solutions to enhance user experience and operational efficiency. Embracing this progressive trajectory, the latest updates to our platform not only streamline the wholesale buying process but also cater to a broader, multilingual audience. These advancements are designed to empower users with more precise control, faster workflows, and improved accessibility, ultimately enriching the interaction between brands and their diverse clientele. By integrating features such as multilingual support, advanced sorting tools, and efficient search capabilities, we ensure that every user experience is as unique and dynamic as the brands they represent.

Your favourite platform, now in Chinese!

We are thrilled to announce a Chinese version of our platform for wholesale buyers. This newest enhancement opens doors for our Chinese-speaking buyers, now allowing our Mandarin-speaking community to effortlessly navigate the platform in their native language. With this latest update, every aspect of the wholesale buying journey—from browsing the latest collections to placing orders—is now elegantly laid out in Mandarin. Whether exploring emerging designers on the marketplace or ordering from luxury brands in their private environment showrooms, LE NEW BLACK is now available in the language of your choice.

Accelerated Order Workflows with Copy-Paste Product Quantity Entry

Introducing our cutting-edge copy-paste feature – a game-changer in order placement! With this innovative tool, users can seamlessly duplicate quantities between variants, revolutionising the ordering process. But wait, there's more! You can also effortlessly apply copied quantities across all products sharing the same size chart in your cart, saving time and ensuring accuracy. It's a giant leap forward in operational efficiency and a must-have for every brand’s wholesale toolkit.

State-of-the-art Product Sorting for an Ordering Process as Unique as Your Brand’s DNA

Get ready to experience a whole new level of efficiency with our upgraded product sorting tool! With this enhancement, users have the power to organise the products added to their basket exactly as they wish, whether by the order products were added to the basket (this one will get the tick of approval from merchandising teams), alphabetically, or by their placement in the catalogue, the choice is now yours to make!

But that's not all! We've also revamped the interface to offer even more customisation options. Now, you can hide the menu bar to focus solely on what matters most—essential sales tools and order forms—conveniently located on the last page of the order process.

A Compact Table View for Lightning-Fast Selections and a Seamless Checkout Experience

Our new compact table view is a game-changer, providing a condensed yet comprehensive snapshot of your products. You can now effortlessly navigate through more items, input quantities, and details with lightning speed. Perfect for fast-paced environments where quick decisions and bulk orders matter most!

Intelligent Product Search Tools for Effortless Product Discovery

Our search function just got an upgrade! Introducing the ability to find products effortlessly using EAN13 or SKU numbers. With pinpoint accuracy in product searches, brands and buyers can now quickly locate and order products without the need to scroll through endless product catalogues.

The enhancements reflect our commitment to understanding, and providing solutions for, the needs of modern fashion businesses and their global customer bases. By introducing features such as the Chinese language option, copy-paste product quantity entry, state-of-the-art sorting capabilities, and a compact table view, we provide our users with tools that not only save time but also increase accuracy and ease of use. These innovations underscore our commitment to delivering a seamless user experience that adapts to the unique demands of each brand and its buyers, propelling them towards a more efficient and successful future in the competitive world of wholesale.

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