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Commonly asked questions

Do you offer a free trial period?

No. Le New Black aims to be part of your sales organisation, and proposes yearly subscription only. Our sales team is always available for demo and to answer your questions.

Do you take commissions on sales?

No. Le New Black does not charge additional fees for transactions made through or thanks to our platform.

Do you shoot my collections?

No. Brands can upload their own look-book and flat images when they are ready. Sketches can also be uploaded.

Will it take much time to set up my virtual showroom?

No. It takes between a few minutes to a couple of hours to set-up your brand profile and upload your collections. The upload is done through spreadsheets carefully verified by our teams instantly.

Do buyers have to pay their orders online?

No. Buyers’ PO’s do not require a payment online. The brand can set-up it’s own payment and delivery conditions and negotiate with buyers directly. Le New Black does not interfere in the process.

Can I write orders offline on Le New Black?

Yes. Thanks to our iPad app, brands and agents can write orders without being connected to internet, anytime and anywhere.

Can my agents and distributors use Le New Black?

Yes. Le New Black offers a type of account especially dedicated to agents. The brand can assign specific settings like geographical zone and particular price-lists for each agent account.

Do you have a physical showroom?

No. Le New Black is not an agent nor a multi-brand showroom. Buyers can request access to our curated online marketplace and it’s up to brands to decide wether they do business with buyers or not.

Help center

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