The Essence of Elegance: Inside the World of Possery

The Essence of Elegance: Inside the World of Possery



Dive into the heart of exquisite craftsmanship and refined leather garments with Possery, a young ready-to-wear brand that is set to redefine elegance and minimalism. Launched in 2023, Possery embodies the alliance between creativity, craftsmanship and local manufacturing imbued with French know-how. In this exclusive interview, Esther Torres, director of the young brand, reveals its captivating universe, where leather is transformed into a work of art, and each piece is designed as a timeless statement of elegance.

LNB: Hello Esther, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Let's start at the beginning. How did the idea for Possery come about, and what's the driving force behind the brand?

Esther: Possery was born out of a desire to offer sustainable, stylish, recycled and recyclable clothing, enabling its wearer to look good whatever the occasion. I've always believed that clothing is like a second skin, that it gives us strength. Who hasn't experienced the feeling of strength and self-confidence when you first put on a new article of clothing? Leather has the ability to elevate any outfit.

In general, French manufacturing and fine materials are reserved for the luxury sector, so my idea was to reduce margins and democratise the product. Investing in a Possery piece is investing in a luxury piece at an affordable price.

Esther Torres (right), Managing Director of Possery, and her daughter Anaïs Desmero (left), at the inauguration of the brand's first boutique.

LNB: Can you tell us more about the Possery workshops in Paris and how French know-how is incorporated into your designs?

Esther: Our workshops in Paris are the beating heart of Possery. It's here that our pattern makers, craftsmen and design studio work closely together to bring our collections to life. Manufacturing is still traditional. The cutter sorts and selects skins according to colour and quality to obtain a perfectly homogeneous garment. The piece is assembled by a single craftsman who builds it from A to Z, bringing it to life little by little.

Each piece is unique and meticulously crafted, paying particular attention to the comfort and fall of the leather, and treating it with the same delicacy as the fabrics of Parisian haute couture.

The Skirt Sitges Waxy.

LNB: Could you tell us more about the leather used in your collections, and how this noble material is worked in your Parisian workshops?

Esther: POSSERY's magic works thanks to exceptional skins and leathers from historic partnerships with European tanneries. In addition, we attend major trade shows every season where all the major tanners are present. Here we source additional materials and try to find the latest in leather and hides.

Our collections are crafted from goat skin, Spanish merino tanned in Portugal, Spanish merinillo tanned in Spain, entrefino lamb tanned in Spain or Morocco, UK domestic, Icelandic lamb and even Lacaune lamb tanned in Spain.

LNB: Speaking of your collections, where can they be found?

Esther: In our boutique at 13 rue des Fontaines du Temple, 75003 Paris and on our e-commerce site.

Our next collection will be unveiled in January at Tranoï in Paris, MIF Tokyo and Seoul Scoop in England, White in Italy, and Coterie in New York. Our collections can also be found in our showroom on LE NEW BLACK.

The Possery boutique. Located at 13 Rue des Fontaines du Temple, 75003 Paris.

LNB: Could you tell us about Possery's export strategy?

Esther: Our aim is to continue our international development. We are already present in Korea, Japan, Taipei, England and France and we're planning our next big move into the American market. American consumers are a target group which is often particularly receptive to fashion trends, with a well-established shopping culture and an appetite for products that are Made in France, making the American market a promising one for us. Leather garments, such as jackets, skirts and pants, are often considered timeless and elegant fashion items, which can help to stimulate demand.

LNB: How does LE NEW BLACK support you in this process?

Esther: To aid in our development in these markets, we subscribed to the LE NEW BLACK platform. It serves as a showcase for potential retailers, and during trade shows, we use it to make and send selections and take orders. The application's intuitive interface enables us to quickly make selections/draft orders and send them immediately to our customers or potential customers.

LNB: In conclusion, how would you describe Possery's philosophy and the essence of your designs?

Esther: At Possery, timelessness is at the heart of our philosophy. Our leather pieces are designed to stand the test of time with elegance, making them staples for any wardrobe. We promote craftsmanship and savoir-faire, supporting the transmission of precious skills. Our approach is centred on the notions of sustainability and a strong, assertive, bold style. We believe that clothing is a declaration of one's personality, and we're delighted to share this vision with the world.

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