5 tips to increase your BtoB sales conversion rate

5 tips to increase your BtoB sales conversion rate


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How to digitally replicate the in-person BtoB shopping experience when industry professionals are unable to travel due to the pandemic? As fashion brands rely on virtual showrooms to boost their wholesale digitalisation, LE NEW BLACK shares the 5 best practices to follow:

1- Go for an attractive BtoB window for your brand

Engage your buyer by editorialising your homepage and collections presentations with video, images, text, news etc.

2- Enrich your product descriptions

Give reassurance to your buyer by shooting and uploading as many views as possible of your product, add 360° images if possible, as well as videos and suggested product for each variant and write the most precise product description.

3- Personalise your buyers invitations

Make your buyer feel special, because he is :) Send made-to-measure selections of products, write personal notes, attach collection images, digital line sheets, your logo and insert a "call-to-action" button!

4- Spread the news

Keep your buyer up-to-date by promoting your latest event, press review, collaboration etc. on the homepage of your digital showroom.

5- Multiply collections layouts

Help your buyers understanding the structure of your collection and make the best selection by showing it through multiple layouts, such as an entry by look for example, or fabrics and materials.

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