What is more flattering than a piece of clothing that you can adjust on your body as you wish, with an endless possibilities of patterns, and a history of decades comes along with? We can’t think of an answer knowing that kimonos are on the rise once again!

Worn by samurais in the 17th century, kimonos were sign of power and statue in the Japanese culture. As in the everyday wear of Japanese people kimono has lost its popularity after the end of the Second World War, it had its rebirth in the Western world through the popular culture and of course the movements in the fashion trends.

Here’s our selection with the best kimono styles on The Marketplace:

An Ounce Copenhagen Honey Kimono Blazer

Goldie London Tilda Top

Le Mont St. Michel Color Dress

Mykke Hofmann Kong Dress

Rhumaa Togetherness Wrap Dress