Your sales campaign is in full swing, pressure is going down a little bit before the final rush of Paris Fashion Week. Are you already struggling with dozens of paper orders to confirm and integrate in your ERP?

Time has come for you to reconsider your order-taking habits, to drastically improve the productivity and the transparency of your wholesale organisation: take the next step with an order-taking iPad App! Here’s why:

1. Your sellers reduce appointment duration by 30%:

Your sales team travels, sells and communicates with international buyers.

They need performing tools to meet your business expectations.

With an order-taking iPad App, your team will do more meetings, and in the best conditions!

They will:

  • Use accurate and up-to-date data only (price, reference etc.): no more mistakes!
  • Note selections or orders with quantities.
  • Copy-paste lines of quantities per variant, note "bulk" quantities. 
  • Use order templates created in advance.
  • Save drafts, work on them again whenever needed.
  • Control the achievement of their objectives thanks to our live analytics.
  • Have your buyers sign their order directly on the Ipad.
  • Send order to the buyer as an Excel format with pictures.
  • Print order with your terms and conditions.
  • Etc.
"At the showroom, the fluidity & high-speed of Le New Black iPad App has become essential!" C.Deregnaucourt - Supply Chain Director at AMI Paris

2. Your sales supervision level goes higher!

Your sellers and agents currently share their orders with you at the end of the season. You have no view on their performances or on your best-selling products before the end of the season. It is time for a change! Here are your advantages to integrate an order-taking iPad app to your organisation:

  • Follow live sales analytics per seller, agent, product, collection etc.
  • Identify your best-sellers and low-sellers in a click
  • Quickly cancel references that didn't meet your sales expectation and avoid production errors!

3. Your buyers enjoy a high-quality B2B service, matching with your brand image  

At the showroom or in at the trade show, make sure your buyers are welcomed by a well prepared team.

No paper or Excel line sheets to fill in and iterate on.

With an iPad App, your buyers and prospects already know that the meeting and the follow-up will be a success!

Your buyers will:

  • Visualise your collections by looks, best-sellers, with a fast and interactive access to product informations (pictures or sketches, prices, composition etc.)
  • Receive the order by email at the end of the meeting, as an Excel format with pictures, along with your sales terms.
  • Get access, with your authorisation, to the digital format of the order to confirm their quantities online in a few clicks
  • Get a printed version of the order at the end of the meeting!

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