Presenting endless alternatives for outfits, we have two words to say on this issue: Jewelries matter! 

As we meet new brands specializing in accessories every other day, it is now obvious for us that the jewelry segment in the fashion industry is growing stronger and has its own position rather than being under the shadow of clothing.


Living between Paris, New York, Madrid and Marrakesh Parme Marin presents itself as a brand with broad vision and creative design.

With its statement necklaces and graphic design rings, Parme Marin accessories don’t just “complete” a look, they “create” one. The combination of materials such as leather, bones, horns, feathers or horsehair introduces an unusual and intriguing approach to the universe of accessories, a skillful mix of modern and ethnic.

Taking its inspiration from African textile design, the architecture of the 1930s, vintage clothing, New York City and Daniel Buren the brand guarantees its creative approach to the accessory design.  

Already at Atelier CourbetCrimson MimRobinson Richman.


With a quick recognition that came along with success, Tom Wood has started its journey as a brand by producing a wide selection of signet rings with a unisex design.

Inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism and functionalism, the brand preserved its attention to details and high-quality craftsmanship. 

Launching its ready-to-wear collection in 2014, Tom Wood has started creating both jewelry and clothing with a deep relation between them as the brand calls it “like a brother and a sister”. With its persistent approach to style, Tom Wood offers a complete experience within its identity. 

Already at I.T Hong KongExcelsiorDover Street MarketHarrods, and Oki-ni.


Based in France, Hyes is an independent creation studio that creates a universe for itself by having an original aesthetic with the combination of architecture and object.

From the day that the brand was created in 2012, Hyes goes after the French know-how with the partnerships that has been built with different designers and craftsmen.

Angles, corners, sharp turns and an edgy vision define brands identity where every piece of jewelry can also be seen as a piece of art that is a result of talent and hard work.

Already at L'ExceptionL'HabibliothèqieLe White.


Promoting the elegance in urban life, The Boyscouts catches our eyes with its minimal design.

With products varying from jewelry to bags and accessories, the brand combines the urban life with outdoor elements.

As The Boyscouts change its theme and items with every collection, it holds one fundamental within its brand identity: the quality of the materials used. With the support that they give to local craftsmanship, The Boyscouts manages to be recognized amongst its competitors. 

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