The formal dressing has always has been one of the most important divisions in menswear.

”A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” says Oscar Wilde, whether it is your first day at work, your wedding or a day that is important; your suit will create the first impression the moment you step into that place.

Acknowledging the importance of formal dressing, we are taking a closer look at our brands that present nicely tailored options for men.  


Working only with the high-end Italian mills and the best Italian factories, “compromising” is a rejected act for Cavour.

Created in Oslo, Cavour’s goal is simply to provide the best products possible with more accessible prices.

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Three words to define Deboniere as a brand: sensual, masculine and elegant. Inspired from the Italian saying La Bella Figura - to live with an awareness and appreciation of beauty in every area of life the brand is putting the spotlight on men alongside women in beautiful gowns.

Brand’s signature aesthetic is its impeccable fit, one-of-a-kind fabrics and an affair with color, finished with fine details that speak of the refinement and attention given to each article of clothing.

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Diego Garcia

With an ultimate attention to shirts, Diego Garcia has been found in Paris in 2007 with the purpose of being an advocate of an easy chic look with an emphasis on details.

Each shirt of Diego Garcia is made exclusively in Europe and designed in France. Using prestigious materials like Egyptian cotton and Mongolian cashmere, the brand is dedicated to creating essential pieces for men.

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