Edit orders and inform B2B clients in a click

With our "order bulk editor" feature, you can modify the availability of a reference, replace it by another article, select the orders to update and inform all the clients impacted in a click! Increase your productivity and wholesale results with Le New Black B2B platform. 

1. Quickly identify the references to cancel
Live production reports

2. Replace the reference, select the orders to edit
Order bulk editor

3. Notify all concerned clients 
Personalised notification

Done! The references of your orders are updated and your client well informed. You drastically reduce the loss of turnover related to cancellations, while your clients enjoy your reactivity and the transparency of your business relations. 

Contact our team for any question:
contact@lenewblack.com / www.lenewblack.com
Le New Black team wishes you a beautiful FW19 sales campaign!