Our “Cancel & Replace” feature allows you to update the availability of a reference, replace it by another, update orders “en masse” and inform all your B2B clients whose order may be impacted. All that in three clicks instead of… hours of work! You will significantly reduce the loss of turnover caused by orders cancellation, while your clients will enjoy a qualitative and reactive service.

1. Identify the references to cancel thanks to your live production report:

After a few days of sales, Le New Black allows you to easily understand which references are potential best-sellers or low-sellers, and cancel references that don’t have the sales potential expected.

2. Replace a reference by another, and select all orders that will be impacted:

The mass orders’ editor system enables you to update and work on your orders quickly. 

 3. Last step already: inform your clients of this modification in a click!

You can also propose them a new selection to answer their needs

And… it's done! In a few click, the orders' references are updated, and your clients well informed :)

For more informations, get in touch with our team! contact@lenewblack.com