Digital Wholesale: Kenzo's Choice

We sat with Marie Berton, Area Manager UK & Southern Europe, and Chabha Abbar, IT Project Manager at Kenzo, who shared with us the best practices of their team on the brand's digital showroom. The brand, registered on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar, is a longtime client of LE NEW BLACK.

How are you doing after this very special new season?

We have been working with LE NEW BLACK for over four years now and have been able to face this particular year with more serenity. Our customers were already used to shopping remotely on LE NEW BLACK, which made it easier for them to consider digital sales seasons. Thanks to the new features on the digital showroom, we were able to better highlight our collections and provide as many details as possible to our customers: information on the product, cuts, materials, storytelling around the collection and message from our artistic director Felipe Oliveira Baptista.

What were your expectations when you integrated our solution into your organisation? Have your needs changed with the sanitary crisis?

It was essential for us to have advanced stock management features to sell our capsule collections all year long as well as stocks between showroom periods. Today we have specific needs on the brand and buyer user experience on which we work regularly with the LE NEW BLACK team.

LE NEW BLACK has evolved a lot since 2016, and especially in recent months. What are your favorite features?

Offering our customers to browse and shop by looks directly through our lookbook is one of our favorite features. We also personalise our homepage to highlight campaign images or videos, text and catalogs sorted by typology in order to guide the customer between the different collections. 

If you had a magic wand, what would you expect from a tool like ours?

If we could make our wildest dreams come true, we would like to be able to give buyers the feeling of touching the garment, so that they can appreciate the weight of the materials and the softness of certain products!

What advice would you give today to a brand integrating a BtoB solution such as LE NEW BLACK in its organisation?

Integrating a BtoB order-taking solution into your company requires adapting the internal organisation to new planning and new constraints. This is a decision that therefore requires the engagement of all the departments working on the product and on the preparation of the sales campaign, product merchandising, development, production, communication, marketing and sales!

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