About Le New Black


Quality of human relations

We believe that good business relations imply taking the time to know each other, and developing mutual trust. Le New Black dematerializes your business for you to spend less time filling up paper in the haste of fashion weeks, and more time enjoying a privileged moment while meeting customers in all corners of the world.

Quality of the product

Le New Black digitizes your sales relations and sales material for you to be able to focus on the essential part of your many business meetings in tradeshows or showrooms : touching the quality of the product.

Quality of the design

Le New Black has built up an extensive expertise of international fashion weeks over the years. Rooted in Paris, capital of international fashion, Le New Black is naturally immersed in a global and high-end history of fashion. Le New Black travels all around the world to source the best local designs and bring them to an exclusive global audience.

Quality of the environment

The B2B fashion industry generates a considerable amount of waste at every fashion week all around the globe. Air conditioning, paper catalogues and line sheets, collections shipping etc. Le New Black believes that it is necessary and possible to reduce this amount of waste by digitizing sales material and business to make them available 24/7.


Fashion weeks and commercial events multiply all around the world, in Paris, Milan, London, New York, but also in new fashion capitals. The fashion industry has never been more global and at the same time more difficult to reach as a whole. At the end of the 2000’, the traditional commercial B2B platforms and tools progressively reveal themselves insufficient to answer the needs of the actors of the industry and out of touch with our digitalized way of life. Following their enriching experience respectively in the fashion industry and in web development, Vidya Narine and Bernard Coulombel teamed up to launch Le New Black in 2009, an innovative solution for brands and retailers to do business together.



An exclusive global network.

Throughout the years, Le New Black has built an extensive expertise of international fashion weeks, guided by its natural instinct for cutting-edge designs, and an innovative approach.

Because fashion is all about selection and positioning, Le New Black answers the needs of brands, designers, sales agents, multi-label stores, departments stores and buying offices who seek to maintain a selective distribution with a creative understanding.

A Paris-based company.

Rooted in Paris, capital of international fashion, Le New Black is naturally immersed in a global and high-end history of fashion.


Bernard Coulombel

President and IT director

Romain Blanco

Sales and managing director

Mélanie Chetty

Head of customer success

Julie Bompas

Communication and marketing manager

Paul Mizraki

Sales manager

Mathilde Brabant

Customer success manager

You-chian Huang

Customer success manager

Ridge Naeck

Product specialist

Aymen Hammouda

Senior backend developer

Isabelle Chediny

Executive Assistant