When Originality and Elegance Meet: A Rare Glimpse into the World of Virginie Darling

When Originality and Elegance Meet: A Rare Glimpse into the World of Virginie Darling


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Since its inception in 2016 in Marrakech, Virginie Darling has captivated the fashion world with a line of leather goods that seamlessly combines the softness of sleek forms with the boldness of diverse leather choices, traditional fabrics, and vibrant prints. Inspired by its eponymous creator, the brand allures with casual models oscillating between urban-chic and ethnic-chic. Discover the behind-the-scenes of this unique venture where elegance and originality harmoniously converge, unveiling the secrets of Virginie Darling's success through the eyes of Rodolphe Pacaud, one half of the founding duo of the ultra-feminine fashion house. 

LNB: Hello Rodolphe. Could you explain how the idea of creating Virginie Darling originated and how it has evolved since its inception in 2016?

Rodolphe: My wife, Virginie, and I founded Virginie Darling at the end of 2016. Virginie Darling is an ultra-feminine, ready-to-wear brand, with a bohemian-chic universe, that presents two collections per year. We began the journey with several lines of leather goods and gradually introduced sneakers, sandals, boots, and, of course, ready-to-wear to offer our customers a complete range of products for their wardrobes.

Our distribution model is primarily focused on wholesale, representing 80% of our total turnover. The brand is currently distributed to over 300 independent partners, with 80% of them being located in France.

LNB: Could you share any challenges you overcame during the exportation of your brand?

Rodolphe: Currently, we have seven agents covering France and Europe. One of our main challenges has been maintaining active contact with partners, agents, or direct clients, especially when they reside abroad. That's why we decided to digitise both our showroom and order-taking process. In this regard, LE NEW BLACK, with its customisable interface, user-friendly approach, and ease of implementation, has been the ideal tool.

We provide everyone with a 360° view of our collections, showcasing packshot photos of our creations and looks. This has allowed us to maintain a certain proximity with our partners and streamline exchanges of all types. It has been a real success that enabled us to increase our business volume despite the distances, both in France and internationally.

LNB: What are your primary target markets, and how did you identify them?

Rodolphe: Since our inception, our main target markets have been France and Western Europe. We tested their appetite for our designs through participation in various professional trade shows, carving out the foundation for our establishment in these countries. We are preparing to expand into the US in 2024, where we will also prioritise a wholesale approach for its rapidity of implementation and adjacency to the market.

LNB: How does LE NEW BLACK assist you in your international wholesale strategy?

Rodolphe: To achieve our development goals, we rely heavily on LE NEW BLACK, and thanks to its ongoing partnership with Business France, we have been able to sustain its use. It allows us to transmit our entire showroom through digital means, presenting our collections comprehensively and increasing responsiveness by taking orders directly from our stand at trade shows or showrooms.

As is the case with any commercial relationship, trust is a determining factor. LE NEW BLACK enables us to have a structured, friendly, and, above all, quality presentation of our creations. This showcase of our expertise enhances the foreign buyer's confidence in our brand. This is crucial because, beyond the attractiveness of our creations, it is, in my opinion, a true guarantee of success.

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