Digital fashion weeks episode 2: Sphère, Paris Fashion Week® Showroom

Digital fashion weeks episode 2: Sphère, Paris Fashion Week® Showroom



Since its foundation by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) in January 2020, Sphère Paris Fashion Week® Showroom had the ambition to become a hybrid showroom, with a digital format available 24/7 and four physical editions per year at fashion weeks. In July 2020, The FHCM chose LE NEW BLACK to digitise Sphère. Christelle Cagi-Nicolau, representative of the project at FHCM explains:

"We chose LNB multi-brand solution as it allows us to transpose FHCM own identity and showroom sales dynamic to a digital showroom"

The digital showroom of Sphère on LE NEW BLACK allows FHCM teams to promote emerging designers towards buyers. With invitation tools, audience reports, and independent client databases, FHCM supports its designers' visibility and prospection while offering them a powerful B2B sales solution.

The nine emerging brands selected by the FHCM, EGONlab, Bluemarble, Mansour Martin, Boyarovskaya, Boramy Viguier, Thebe Magugu, Mossi, Germanier, and Kenneth Ize have been able to offer their clients and prospects continuity in their buying process and a professional discovery experience. We have met them:


The digital showroom allows Mansour Martin's prospects to discover the brand through a personalised window. Marie Bernet, CEO of Mansour Martin: “the digital platform means an unlimited access to the collections for the buyers and allows an international prospection at little cost.”

Mossi's buyers have been able to discover the collections with 360° images of the products. Lavinia Ducroquet Di Renzo, CEO of the brand: "We sent samples to our buyers, had online meetings on Zoom, and proposed them to enjoy 360° visuals on our product sheets, it definitely ensured the quality of our relations. For the coming season, we want to integrate videos for each product!"


LE NEW BLACK digital tools enable designers to create made-to-measure selections of products, and to take orders on the iPad app at the physical showroom. Brand and buyer then easily iterate online until quantities are confirmed. Digital tools help transform visits into orders and boost the brand's sales potential.

Anthony Alvarez Graff, founder and artistic director of Bluemarble: "Sending line sheets, selections and invitations was very fluid, these tools helped us to get close to buyers who, even without coming physically to the showroom have ordered the collection for the first time via LE NEW BLACK, a very simple and intuitive platform."

Cindy Gout, sales representative at EGONlab details: “we made selections and took orders on the iPad App at the showroom at Palais de Tokyo, its ergonomy and presentation really convinced us!”


Kenneth Ize is an emerging designer whose team is spread between Italy and Nigeria. The brand succeeded to organise its wholesale business thanks to LE NEW BLACK digital tools, optimised its relationship with buyers as well as its internal communication within the team. Kenneth Ize's processes sped up from prospection to sales and production.

Ornella, freelance sales manager at Kenneth Ize: “In the current context, a virtual showroom is crucial. We have been able to communicate data to buyers in real-time when they couldn’t travel or wanted to review the collection after the meeting. It also allowed us to centralise and norm our orders."

The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode built a performing digital ecosystem to support the activity and visibility of its emerging brands, with French and European tech actors such as Grand Shooting, Stellae, LE NEW BLACK, or Zedonk, while designers also enjoyed the international reputation of Paris Fashion Week®.

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